Business Litigation

Dooley & Associates is your counsel for any business litigation demands.

Litigation can be stressful, but in today’s business climate, is often necessary both to pursue, and, unfortunately, to defend. Litigation can become a distraction and expense that, if not properly addressed and budgeted, can be ruinous to a business. Because of our experience in business litigation and processes, we understand the impact litigation can have on the day-to-day conduct of business.

Our objective is to assist you in keeping any litigation matter in proper prospective, both financially and otherwise, to budget the expense of litigation and to ensure that you and your employees keep your business goals and objectives in focus. This allows us to pursue and protect your litigation objectives with minor distraction to the mission of your company.

We are experienced in most areas of business litigation, whether the issues involve contract disputes, business torts, employment agreements or more complex issues that often arise between competing businesses or companies and their shareholders or other investors or lenders.

Put our business litigation experience on your side.

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